Tuesday, 9 June 2009


The town is not big enough…FOR RON NOW DAYS! ;-o

$67896786 (Complex Fabulous Frame)

Sunn 0)))

I take the picture after they read that for them get 10/10 in Drownedinsound – they like “We alright..pretty cool”


$576879865 (low frame)

Vampire Weekend

I give damn about a Oxford Comma… ,! -



$56784674 (gingham frame)

Jamie Lidell

Look how hard it is to take a trip and then do MULTIPLY… – he’s only trying 5 x 5!!!!!!1111111111

$457683 (Sharp Frame)

Black Kids

They nooot for to tell me how I Daaaaance do yoooooou! NOT LIKE THEY NEED TO!

B-) (shades)

But look – great guys, so nice. XD

$689067689476 (black frame)

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

I just test!

please -0 no look XD