Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Ryan Adams

May I one day to CARRY HIM HOME?!

I HOPE NOT...what a great time though ::--)) hehe

£500088655 (rock frame)

Ray Lamontagne

The Trouble....the trouble the trouble the trouble the trouble the trouble the trouble the trouble the trouble the trouble the trouble the trouble HEY LIKE I HEAR YOU ON THE FIRST TIMES! great B-)

£4508989 (old wooden frames)

Dave Matthews

He play everything!! (Even when no-one has ask! ;-S)

£45900008 (complex frame)

Monday, 20 April 2009

Sky Larkin

Try to make a Diamooooooooooond. But we have Jewel of a great time! XDD. The boys even got to sing! :-S

£465795 (Golden Frame)


Still doin some of their greatest work ;-). I only got one shot ;-(. I WONDERWALL the fuss is about!!!1111111 XXDDDD
£500439 (Modern Frame)

Minor Threat

The mellowest I seen them – you guys SURE you’re all still ‘Straightline’? ;-)
£499950 (smooth frame)


XD XD XXX DDD!!!1111111111 J))))))))!!!!11!!1111111 B-D (shades)
£5999403 (Small frame)

Biffy Clyro

The Conversation is…

….Fuckin AWESOME – I mean just look at the guyz!!!11 J
£45786 Framed

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Internet Forever

We can hug each other guys :-)
£3078888 (plastic frame)

Thursday, 9 April 2009


Crazy Great Clowns this guys! – even to steal a bass drum!!…you can forget all future plans…OF NOT BEING SO FUN!
£200889 (Brightly coloured frame)

The Human League

They better call me back or we will BOTH BE SORRY!!! XDD:’-(
£48923645 (Clip Frame)

Mercury Rev

“You guys enjoy my backstage Frikadeller?” :-)
£4657899 (Skinny Frame)

Robots in disguise

They can't disguise...BEING GREAT GUYS!!! XXDD

£68495658 (Double Frame)


The man is looking tired - This is Mid-Rap :S
£450000 (Digital frame)